Living in Retirement

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” -John Muir

The New Monk Project acknowledges upcoming “boomer” generation, whereby population demographics are indicating a rapidly increase in the number of people reaching their retirement years. For countless preceding generations eldership has been revered. However, in many western cultures today, this regard is seen to have faded.

Within this context The New Monk Project believes the well-being as well as active community participation of elder generations is fundamental to our shared future, and the destiny of our planet. Because of this need, we are committed to serve and support the interests of retiring people who are about to embark upon their second half of life’s journey.


Members see The New Monk Project as a resource for people wanting to know more about alternatives to current institutionalized senior care modalities. Alternative communities, as we envision them include the following qualities:

* Minimal Institutionalization – an alternative to one’s lifestyle being controlled by institutionalized larger scaled health care facility policy and procedures (see: )

* Aging in Place – designing retirement and multi-generational communities whereby residents can look forward to living their lives without the eventuality of being displaced to intensive care facilities and nursing homes, should they become infirm.

(see: )

* Self Autonomy – residents govern the degree and nature of support and services rather than compliance with corporate and health care provider rules

* Social Participation – empowering residents to participate in their community’s social dynamics and mutual support

* (see:

* Continual Learning Opportunities – creating opportunities for elders to share their life stories with kids, young adults, and neighboring communities

* Volunteerism – bringing our seniors opportunities for experiencing a more inclusive sense of connection and purpose within their larger community social circles

Quarterly Alternative Community News Update


ElderSpirit Community

Status: Active since 2006;  100% occupancy with waiting list

Number of Households: 35

Address: P. O. Box 665
Abington, VA 24212

Web site:

Description: Offers the opportunity to “age in community”;  welcoming diverse spiritual paths;  respect for individual needs;  a common place to gather.

In an effort to serve our Retired New Monk members who are considering where they would most prefer to live, we offer a “Quarterly Alternative Community News Update”. This update offers information about new alternative community opportunities via connections using email technology. An example of present and planned alternative retirement community announcements follows.

Caravan Village

Status: planning stage (with The New Monk Project actively involved)

Number of Households: stage one: 10 + 10 more for stage two

Location: Franklinville, NC (a rural location 40 minutes from Greensboro, NC)

Design information available at ;

also see developer web site:

description: offers residents affordable housing opportunity with very low monthly utility costs; sustainable site and building design through use of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design); design based on “Eco-restorative Design” guidelines to help rejuvenate local ecosystems; multigenerational concepts; solar power electric carts for intercommunity travel; individually owned and predesigned ADA compliant dwelling units

(see: )