Scholarship Program

The New Monk Project envisions a new era wherein an increasing number of people will be committed to restoring Earth’s indigenous capacity to sustain life. An essential part of making this vision come true has to do with educating successor generations of people who will be more concerned with the environmental impacts they are destined to inherit. Many young adults are understandably at a serious point of inquiry about how they can participate in helping restore the life carrying capacity of Earth.

We therefore have launched a program which financially assists those interested in learning more about the environment and sustainable design. Our first scholarship program involves a $1000 per semester award to one selected student pursuing an associate degree at Durham Technical Community College in Durham, North Carolina.

We believe similar scholarships with encourage Community College systems across America to expedite moving towards the adoption of sustainable technology curricula. Such cirricula can better prepare their students to actively participate in future sustainable use projects within their local communities.

The motivation behind The New Monk Project taking on this educational service to our local community is to provide young adults living in urban areas better access to environmentally oriented educational opportunities. We see educating young adults about the environment as essential towards their community’s revitalization and sustainable renovation future.