Reba’s Garden

As we progress towards greater human connectedness with all life communities, we return to the Garden.

The New Monk Project’s physical presence in Hillsborough constitutes two main components:

  • Indoor use areas including our offices, library, classroom, and related spaces.
  • Outdoor use areas including extensive landscaped grounds, parking areas, greenhouses, and Reba’s Garden.

Reba’s Garden is both a demonstration of the Living Systems Principles we teach here at Baldwin Farm, and an educational garden intended to serve parents and children with local after school educational programs. This Living Systems installation demonstrates how the integration of buildings and nature can create more abundant life processes.

Thanks to local public grant funding and volunteer support, Reba’s Garden also incorporates a range of both agrarian and hard technologies utilizing:

  • Active solar heating of the Reba’s Garden greenhouse using 4400 gallons of stored rainwater in combination with water based solar panels
  • Comprehensive rainwater management and distribution system
  • Organically produced bio-intensive vegetable and medicinal plant crops
  • Heirloom plant and seed production

As illustrated below, inclusion of “art in the garden” complements the aesthetic side of human’s affinity for nature, and our common tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes.

“It is through the garden we see the fruits of our pioneering work.” Laura Baldwin