Future Plans

MEMBER BENEFITS BEING PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE are about the ideas and hopes The New Monk Project holds for a more sustainable future. These are projects being planned so far:


Triads – In today’s world profound friendship is all too rare. The Triad network will offer a method to deepen connections with others on the eco-spiritual journey.  You will find further information about this idea by selecting the “New Monk Lifestyle” category, then select the “Triad” topic.


Hospice Ashram – This is seen as a future adjunct to our retirement community project (select “Projects” category, and then select the “Caravan Village” page). The Hospice Ashram idea offers a practical way to enhance the experiences surrounding the end of life.  We are planning a “Presentation Series” topic named Alternative Living Communities During the Second Half of Life which will expand on this future benefit.


Sponsorship – We support “grass roots level” of change. It is up to individuals and nascent organizations around the globe to be the change we wish for the world. We therefore wish to support our New Monk members who are planning an event that is of interest to them and the Project. In the future, members may submit requests for having us monetarily support their planned event. Working within the limitations of our financial and human resources, we wish to support educational events which further our Eco-Spiritual agenda.


Educational Scholarship Endowments – The New Monk Project is seeking to establish a North Carolina statewide scholarship endowment sufficient to provide a financial safety net for young adults who cannot otherwise afford to attend community colleges. This endowment is specifically intended to benefit students pursuing associate degrees relating to sustainable and eco-restorative design technology.


Manifestation of these future benefits depends upon The New Monk Project being given donations, grants, and new volunteer
staff to support these projects.