Our Library

The New Monk Project houses a library of over 1100 books and multimedia resources. Named the Wells Collection, the Project’s collection is based off of founder Sunder Wells’s personal collection which she donated for the common usage of New Monk members. We continue to update the library as new literature related to our vision is released.

The library also maintains a “Book of the Month” feature, in which we review and highlight new and classic titles of interest to our members. Similarly, our “Recommended Reading” section lists a core set of books that best represent our values and The New Monk Project’s vision.

While materials in the Wells Collection cover a very broad range of subjects, its focuses emphasize The New Monk Project’s own values: eco-spirituality through personal spiritual development—inclusive of all religious traditions), communion with Earth and her other inhabitants, and environmentally sustainable practices in everyday life.

As of July 2010, the library is transitioning to organization by the Dewey Decimal Classification™ system—the same organizational system used by most public libraries for their nonfiction collections. A majority of our collection falls in the 100s (psychology and philosophy) and the 200s (religion), with large amounts of materials also in the 300s (social sciences) and the 600s (technology, including health and gardening). Major authors include Thomas Berry, G.K. Chesterton, Riane Eisler, C.S. Lewis, Thomas Merton, Marshall B. Rosenberg, Rudolf Steiner, and Ken Wilber.

Other subject areas represented in the collection include feminism, Native American studies, economics, history, and government. We also collect artistic works, especially poetry, reflective of The New Monk Project’s mission and vision. Refer to the “Comprehensive Listing” section to browse our collection, the list to the right of the page for a full listing of our subject categories, or the “Recommended Reading” section for a listing of some of our personal favorites.

The library is administered by Alex Kyrios, a master’s student of library science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Alex has been with us since February 2010 and is responsible for day-to-day oversight of library operations.

Our library is located near Hillsborough, North Carolina:

112 Baldwin Rd, Hillsborough, NC 27278

Click here to view our location just outside Hillsborough, near the Triangle north-central area of North Carolina, with Google Maps.