Membership Categories

The New Monk Project Membership Pledge Process

  1. Notify us of your interest in becoming a member and select one or a combination of the following categories of interest you by marking the appropriate box(es) shown below.
  2. We will send you an acknowledgment confirming your membership selections.
  3. Once we have received your monetary pledge, we will mail to your street address or PO Box our new member gift within 30 business days.
  4. Membership renewal notices will be issued to all registered members during the month of January each year following the year new members have joined. Annual renewal of membership pledges applies to all member categories. “Currently paid” status is necessary to maintain active membership privileges. All payments will be gratefully received via “PayPal”.

Membership Categories

  • New Monk Pioneer - $35.00 annual pledge entitles members to eligible benefits. (for information about member benefits click member benefits)
  • New Monk Organization and Sponsors - $95.00 annual pledge includes all benefits enjoyed by “New Monk Pioneer” members plus access to “Monthly Musings” and announcements of member events being planned within the fiscal year covered by membership dues
  • Pioneering New Monk Student – $18.00 annual pledge for those engaged in pursuing a full time academic career. This membership category provides the same benefits enjoyed by “New Monk Pioneer” members.
  • Volunteer New Monk – No annual pledge is required, but always appreciated. With the idea of welcoming all who wish to participate regardless of monetary circumstances, we offer full membership privileges in exchange for voluntary work contributions. Specific tasks can be determined as mutually agreed between applying members and TNMP. For example: assisting with coordinating our workshops, assisting with our web site updates and postings, or helping with TNMP sponsored events in your local community.
  • Elderhood New Monk – A volunteer pledge is requested as financial circumstances and personal time commitments allow for individuals aged 62 or older (minimum $12.00 donation appreciated).
  • Core New Monk – This revered category is for those who have enjoyed actively engaged member participation for one year or longer. We reserve this category for those who have taken our Four Vows, and who have voluntarily contributed their individual creativity and a minimum of 104 hours time to The Project. Membership fees are waived in consideration for individuals chosen to volunteer in an advisory or leadership role. Current members interested in “Core New Monk” level of engagement are welcome to be in touch with us with fresh ideas .
  • “Sustaining” New Monk – for those members, individuals, and organizations wanting to see our mission both sustained and expanded, we invite you to contact us.  A minimum of $240 per annum is suggested. For those wishing to give TNMP volunteer and financial support, the title “Sustaining” will be added to your membership category, or your organization’s membership category.
  • “Benefactor” New Monk – for those wishing to give substantial donations via annuities, personal wills, or endowments for our educational scholarships, please contact us and request the attention of our leadership cadre

We are a 501 c3 education non-profit organization – all membership fees and donations are tax deductable.

For those seeking Volunteer New Monk or Core New Monk status, please submit your fresh ideas and pledge intentions for our review.   As mutually agreed, we will then confirm your membership status and nature of service. After one year of service given by qualified volunteer members, and part time paid staff members, we will be honored to give our formal recognition of your contribution: a framed copy of TNMP’s “Friendship Covenant” similar in appearance to our new membership gift.

For those desiring membership who do not wish to use the “PayPal” payment process, you are welcome to send us a check or money order made out to T.N.M.P.

Please send payments and correspondence to:

The New Monk Project

112 Baldwin Rd.

Hillsborough, NC 27278

We look forward to assisting you on your eco-spiritual pioneering path through access to all our services.