Membership Benefits


  • Intrapersonal Development for those seeking deeper self-awareness and inner growth we offer: the “Journey Reflection” blog site, our library collection, and the Presentation Series.
  • Presentation Series a New Monk produced series of live presentation talks pioneering the joining of Spirit and Earth.
  • Library Resources offers opportunities for individuals to expand their knowledge on topics germane to the New Monk mission.
  • Elder Community Information and Resourcesan information resource for those looking for alternative ways to live in retirement with dignity, personal autonomy, and connectedness.
  • Links to Affiliated Organizationsprovides convenient URL connections to organizations seen as aligned with our mission.


  • Member Publication Notices and Submittals –services meant to aid members seeking help with launching their fresh writing and publication endeavors.
  • Member Monthly Musings – our version of an electronically transmitted newsletter. Here you will read about upcoming events, member and mentor readings, as well as related announcements.
  • Member Scholarship Grants – education is The New Monk Project’s primary focus. We remain committed to maintaining and expanding our Community College scholarship grant program to qualified students.

What we will send you:

  • New Member Gift – each newly registered person and organization can opt to receive a new membership gift as our expression of gratitude for your choosing to be a Eco-Spiritual Pioneer.

What we propose you have us do in the future:

  • Member Benefits being planned for the Future The New Monk Project plans to expand its range of services to its members; as more volunteer support is drawn to our mission, expansion of our services will manifest. Please go to our “Projects” category to find out more about our future member projects.

If any of the above benefits interest you, please read the following information before taking further action.

INTRAPERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (looking within) is essential to the mission of the Project. We are committed to the idea which holds the inner well-being of each person living on Earth is mirrored in the world around them. As Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Through the application of inner reflection, compassion towards others, and deepening a sense of connectedness with Earth, we see ourselves as “Eco-Spiritual Pioneers”. Our development as Eco-Spiritual Pioneers can be augmented by these resources:

  • “Journey Reflection” blog site is found on our “home page”. This resource offers a fresh daily topic to mediate and reflect upon. If you open this site by clicking on its green tab, you will find a world of inspiration and linked topics support your spiritual growth.
  • Non-violent Communication is a tool for creating compassionate dialogue within our inner selves, as well as compassionate interactions with others. It is modeled on the work of Marshal Rosenberg whose books on this topic can be found in our library. You may find further information by going to our links page,
  • Being the Change We Wish for the World is the “Presentation Series” topic most closely associated with inner growth. Our capacity to compassionately interrelate with our fellow community members ultimately defines the outcome of all collective human endeavors. This live audience presentation topic offers a process for self empowerment and building compassionate relationships everywhere.  

In addition, as our capacity to provide more services relating to inner development continues to grow, we look forward to launching “Triads”.

You can find more information about this future New Monk Project by selecting the “New Monk Lifestyle” category displayed above. You will find the “Triads” topic listed beneath this category.

PRESENTATION SERIES has been developed for the benefit of our members, our affiliated organizations, and audiences interested in exploring, and in pioneering ways to rebirth the joining of Spirit and Earth. This series is a live talk format offering fresh ideas about ways we can symbiotically live in our inner world, within our communities, and how our quest for equitable relationships will define the future for life on our planet. To learn more about these pioneering topics go to the “Projects” category you will find on this page, and then select Presentation Series”.

LIBRARY RESOURCES covering a broad range of interests including philosophical, ecological, architectural, sociological, and inner life nurturing topics, to mention a few. (see complete listings in our Library section). Our library’s function is to provide members and first time visitors with services difficult to find anywhere else. These services focus on helping inform those interested in becoming better acquainted with topics relating to the “eco-spiritual movement”.

  • Book of the Month Selection – we monitor and select the latest cutting edge published book releases which we feel are strongly aligned with the Project’s mission. New Monk members who are authoring books and magazine length periodicals will find us interested in the possibility of announcing their “New Member Releases” found in our “Monthly Musings” section.
  • Recommended Reading List – this is a carefully selected book publication listing we see as most representative of our mission. Years of discerning book selections has created this resource for New Monk Pioneers seeking help with finding definitive writings on topics of greatest personal interest to them, and to us.
  • Member Comprehensive Reading List – provides a complete listing of all catalogued books available to members within our Library Resources. Access to our comprehensive collection will be determined on an “as individually needed” basis, and to all members geographically convenient to our library location in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

For further information go to “Our Library” category at the top of this page and select the desired topic.

ELDER COMMUNITY INFORMATION AND RESOURCES honors the value and importance of those who have entered into their “elderhood” years. We support the values of self determination, equity, and active participation in communities-at-large during the second half of life.

Past traditions and many indigenous cultures today esteem their elders who hold the energy and wisdom only the accumulated years of life can give. The New Monk Project deeply honors such traditions.

This ideal is particularly suited for members and their families who are considering alternatives to institutionalized assisted living and nursing home facilities. Our Presentation Series talks, development projects, and referrals to specialists, can offer you information on these emerging ideas. We see such ideas pioneering intergenerational connections with all members of society.  We advocate elder services where residents, not institutionalized service providers, govern their lives.

If you’d like to see more information go to our “New Monk Lifestyle” category, then select “Living in Retirement”. You can also view a conceptual elder community plan by selecting “Projects”, then finding “Caravan Village” listed beneath this category.

LINKS TO AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS provides convenient connections to other organizations and resources we feel complement our mission.

You will find the links page listed in our “About Us” category. You can then “click” on any underscored title to access the web site you are interested in reviewing.

MEMBER PUBLICATION NOTICES AND SUBMITTALS is a service for those who want to share their writings with others. This also applies to those seeking publication opportunities. We wish to help members reach our membership audience as well as our affiliated organizations, and the world at large. We reserve the privilege of reviewing, and then determining if submittals are closely aligned with topics which are deemed to advance the mission of The New Monk Project.  We assist participating members by referring electronically conveyed documents to our affiliated Center for Ecozoic Studies (CES) organization in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Your submittals will be reviewed by CES on an individual basis for possible publication in their bi-annual publication. CES  The Ecozoic: Reflections on Life in an Ecological Age. Book length publication submittals will be considered on an individual basis by CES as well. To cover our operating expenses, modest review fees will apply as determined on an individual basis.

Summary member benefits:

  • Alternative to self published articles and books
  • Sharing inspirational topics with the larger community of Eco-spiritual Pioneers
  • Exposure for writers who seek to expand distribution of their work, and for those emerging into the field of writing for the first time
  • Support to New Monk members who are asking us to post their forthcoming publication notices

See our “Monthly Musings” category which offers member organizations and individuals a venue for announcing planned events

MEMBER MONTHLY MUSINGS offers members information about upcoming events and readings being announced by other members. These electronically distributed posts feature selected writings by members and mentors of the New Monk Project. Similar in concept to our “featured book of the month selection”, we post one or more selected writings on a monthly basis. This is where you can also find information about member planned events. Summary member benefits:

  • Sharing inspirational writings with other members
  • Exposure for writers seeking an outlet for their work via our “Monthly Musings” posts
  • Announcements about upcoming member sponsored events
  • Other New Monk Project announcements

MEMBER SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS support the education of financially disadvantaged community college students interested in learning about sustainable and restorative environmental technology.

The New Monk Project has established a scholarship fund with Durham Technical Community College. We believe in advancing “grass roots” support for restoring our natural environment through education. Our plans include these same educational scholarships for members who are local to our North Carolina office, and who may be actively engaged in supporting our organization through volunteer work.

YOUR NEW MEMBER GIFT is our way of saying “Thank you for joining our Eco-Spiritual Pioneering organization!” The gift represents our commitment to serve one another, and all life communities on Earth.

Our gift is a 5” wide by 7” inch high framed copy of our: “Planetary Pledge of Allegiance”. The frame is made of black painted wood and is faced with specialized glass. It is designed to be placed in your favorite workplace location, and can also be wall mounted for sharing with children, family, and friends.

Copy of “Planetary Pledge of Allegiance”