Donations and Pledges

Donations, Pledges and Endowments

As a 501c3 educational non-profit organization, we actively seek tax deductable donations from those who wish to see our mission expanded. Membership dues are scaled to cover only our current operational expenses. However, maintenance of our current services to members is not our only objective. Here is a listing of our current Project objectives and their projected budgets:


  • Carravan Village – an alternative retirement community intended to serve the interests of those seeking self autonomy, dignity, and deepened connection with Earth. Budget: amounting to $1,500,000 in pledges
  • Hospice Ashram – a service and facility to be provided to members who are geographically convenient to the proposed Carravan Village, as well as all visiting family members. $750,000 pledge or equivalent endowment
  • Full time TNMP executive director staff position needed to broaden and deepen our ability to serve our members, expand our services such as Triad networking, volunteer member workshop co-ordination on Eco-spiritual related topics, grant procurement, general executive administrative responsibilities, and member sponsorship co-ordination. $55,000 per year pledge.
  • Full time Director of Library and Information Resources needed to maintain liaison with members and organizations associated with TNMP’s various sponsorships and projects. Budget: $42,000 per year pledge.
  • Full time and part time personnel needed to augment Library, Hospice Ashram, and Workshop facilitator(s), publication submittal review, and administrative qualified personnel seeking to augment their retirement income. $5000 per year for part time and $10,000 per year pledge per full time employee/paid volunteer. 
  • Scholarship Project Fund is supporting our ongoing mission to encourage and assist qualified young adults who need financial assistance towards meeting their associate degree objectives in accredited sustainable Earth curriculums.  $25,000 endowment per student amounting to a maximum of 100 endowments ($2.5 million projected endowments to be authorized within the State of North Carolina Community College system. (See North Carolina Community College Scholarship project.)
  • Reba’s Garden Living Systems demonstration project requires a full time operations manager responsible for hydroponic growing system installation and maintenance, Tiliapa fish production, and related marketing. This position will involve managing three (3) members of our farm employee staff. $35,000 per year pledge.



These objectives encompass many of The New Monk Project’s current visions for the future. Members are encouraged to contact us about further information on these topics. As our active membership participation expands, so too will our list continue to grow. We are committed to offering programs intended to create more bountiful inner life within our members, and a more bountiful Earth for all life.


Interested donors may contact us for further information regarding these Project objectives and arrangements to financially support them. Please contact Tim Watson, President of The New Monk Project via email at  



Fund Raising via the Presentation Series

Another source of revenue for The New Monk Project has to do with offering workshop or conference presentations as well as stand alone presentations. All such presentations relate to our pioneering mission. If you would like more information about the topics shown below, go to the “Projects” category shown at the top menu bar on this page and select “Presentation Series”.


Fees associated with the presentation of each topic vary depending upon location, number of topics to be presented at a given venue, and the anticipated number of attendees. Direct travel and lodging expenses will also be included. 

Topics offered for presentation:

  • The New Monk Story
  • Eco- Restorative Design
  • Re-thinking Houses
  • The Second New World
  • Local Living Economies
  • Alternative Living Communities During the Second Half of Life
  • Being the Change We Wish for the World



Those interested in supporting the Project by sponsoring and scheduling such presentations are welcome to contact Laura Baldwin, our event coordinator at