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The New Monk Project is dedicated to strengthen your ability to participate with everyone wanting to see a beautiful future for Earth and Her future generations.

  • If you believe, as we do, that peace on earth finds its roots in the spiritual rejuvenation within each one of us,
  • If you believe, as we do, that no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it,
  • If you believe, as we do, that growing numbers of people all over the world are wanting to pioneer sustainable ways to live on Earth,

 then join ranks with us to strengthen this global transformation.

If you have read our Member Benefits page, you know we intend to help you be best informed about the transforming world we live in. You know we are committed to helping authors, community organizers, and event coordinators communicate ideas which address positive ways to transform our world.

So join us. Lengthen your stride towards creating a new tomorrow for future generations.