Sunder Wells

Sunder Wells, now in her eighties, has been a poet, painter, parent, teacher, and Air Force wife. Forty years ago she founded the New Monk Project with the spiritual blessings of Dom Bede Griffiths, who served as one of our Elders until his death in 1993. She sees the full flowering of the Project in the evolving Garden Homes and Hospice Ashram.


Sister Mariquita Platov

Sister Mariquita Platov, a Russian Orthodox hermit and founder of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship,  and a NewMonk Elder, left a portion of her estate to the New Monk Project upon her death in 2001.  Her generosity has enabled us to catalog and house the Library and move The Project far along the path of its mission.


Fred Baker

Fred Baker, an accomplished musician/bookkeeper/auto mechanic, is a veteran of several cooperativecommunity ventures.  In the ‘70’s he co-managed the Natural Foods Warehouse in Durham,NC before becoming a founding member of Common Ground Community in Lexington, VA.  He practices voluntary simplicity and believes in the saying “One God—Many Paths”.  He serves a Treasurer of the New Monk Project.


Barney Brown

Barney has been serving the Project in an advisory role since 2007. His business acumen and spirituality bring a much needed dimension to The New Monk Project decision making process. Barney provides oversight in connection with our publication related endeavors, and has proven to be a great friend of the Project.


Tim Watson

Tim’s eco-restorative philosophy embraces the spiritual connection that universally exists between humans and the natural world. The writings of the Jesuit eco-geologist Thomas Berry, added inspiration to the evolution of Tim’s work as an architect, and helped inspire him to serve The New Monk Project. Similar writings, and the teachings of indigenous peoples, have helped Tim witness the sacredness of the Earth Herself.Tim lives and works in Hillsborough, NC where he often collaborates with his wife, Laura, a restorative landscape designer and integrative health counselor. He is presently serving as president of our organization.

Dr. Peter Charles


Dr. Peter Charles

Dr. Charles is a Professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Durham Technical Community College and director of the Research and Technology Division of CyberBiota Advanced Lighting Products, a Durham-based company dedicated to reducing carbon emissions through the use of microelectronic technology. He is the Board’s newest member.

The New Monk Project Board Members

  • Mel Leasure (president emetrius)
  • Fred Baker
  • Kitty Wainwright
  • Tim Watson
  • Dr. Peter Charles (new)

The New Monk Project Advisory Board (or Council) Members

  • Barney Brown
  • Harvey Harman
  • Barbara Henry
  • Ellen LaConte (new)
  • Sunder Wells

New candidate Advisory Council (or Board) Members (pending official vote of approval)

  • Jean Wallis
  • Jon Schultz