Principles of Governance

Our cadre of “Core New Monk” members has adopted the following principles. We endeavor to remember and apply them each time we meet, as we continue our leadership work together for the benefit of The New Monk Project.

  1. CIRCULARITY IN GOVERNANCE – A Quaker-like pattern of shared responsibility and leadership.
  2. OPENNESS AND DEVOTION TO THE CREATOR SPIRIT – A conscious listening to the Wisdom, and a daring to follow it.
  3. FREEDOM FROM PREJUDICE, DOGMA AND PAST ASSUMPTIONS – A transcendence of the old paradigms, freedom to accept or reject out of the new awareness.
  4. RADICAL SIMPLICITY – The beauty of the bare essential.
  5. A POSITIVE ASCESIS – Focusing on the DO rather than the DON’T.
  6. ORGANICITY – a process method of growth, among other things.
  7. LIVING SYSTEM ETHICS – embracing deep ecology wild nature, wisdom of indigenous peoples such as Native Americans, and the Gaia Principle, ICA (Institute of Cultural Affairs), Universe Story, and Eco-spirituality.
  8. UNITY IN DIVERSITY and its corollary, FLUIDITY IN STABILITY, as a river flows within its banks.
  9. COMPASSION – the foundation upon which all cohesive human relationship is based, and the precept for “non-violent communication”.

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”
-Leo Tolstoy