Our New Monk Monthly Selection – January 2009

I Will Take a Good Look at Today

I will take a good look at today,

And consider its circumstances-

For it (each day) is a stepping stone into the unknown..

And not knowing,

why rob the day of its glory, and promise by being negative?

Why concentrate on past experiences when promises more extraordinary may be in the making?

Take courage in what can be, instead of what has been!

And why not view the rising sun and watch its departure beyond the horizon?

Survey this tranquil scene, and make your part of it as beautiful as your

thoughts will.

Close yesterday’s chapter, and don’t look back.

Create this life and live, unafraid and unfettered.

Let the Spirit of the Universe pervade your soul.

Exhilarate that you are free to live, to love, to arrive!

Written by our Grandmother Mary Duty a long time ago

My Promise

I will meditate without regret

in the stillness of the night-

I will summon my dreams of anticipation

and revel in the fulfillment of today’s promises

I will count my blessings by the stars

and clasp my reality of being with the elegance of a moon mellow glow

I will sing with the Whippoorwill

and laugh at his antics

I will whistle softly with the mocking bird

and realize deep sleep not knowing that I am slumbering with pleasant, lucid dreams.

Written by our Grandmother Mary Duty a long time ago

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