Our New Monk Monthly Selection – February 2009

Red Road Ethic #1: ‘Honor The Great Spirit’

Every element of creation expresses the Creator. Within each mountain, each stone, and each heart lies the Great Spirit. All are of the Creator, and each particle of the universe is equally deserving of respect and admiration. When looking upon a sunset, the trees, or even your worst enemy, you are looking at the Creator. Know this and give praise and prayer. ~

” A wee child toddling in a wonder world , , , I prefer to their dogma my excursions into the natural gardens where the voice of the Great Spirit is heard in the twittering of birds, the rippling of mighty waters, and the sweet breathing of flowers. If this is Paganism, then at present, at least, I am a Pagan.”

- Gertrude Simmons Bonnin (Redbird); Sioux Author & Activist (1876 – 1938)

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