Our New Monk Monthly Musing Selection – July 2009

Wisdom of First Peoples

Native Peoples and their ancestry have a way of seeing life through the eyes of Nature.

In this way they relate to all the expressions of life Creator’s gifts. Those that swim, the winged ones, those that live in the ground, the four legged, the many legged, and we the two legged, all are the children of Grandfather Sun and Mother Earth. All are equal and of the same merit – none hold greater purpose or medicine as compared to any other. They are our Brothers and Sisters, and as we watch them, they teach us.

The Nest Story

We two legged ones have much in common with our Brothers and Sisters – those who are known as the winged ones who fly and build their nests to make havens for themselves and their children.

When two human beings agree to walk together, they in many ways are like the birds, our Earth Mother’s winged ones.

Each contributes to the nest, and works to assure their nest is strong and safe for themselves and their future children. It is true human beings and birds build their nests in different ways, yet the outcome is very much the same. Our winged ones use small twigs, branches, grass, and moss to build their nests. Over time they add enough of these things to make their nests so strong wind and rain cannot destroy what they have labored to make no matter how much the tree of life may rock them to and fro.

When two humans claim their love for one another, they too begin to build their nests with the same purpose as birds do. Like the winged ones, our loved ones must set forth on the road of life to build a nest for themselves that is strong. Their nest must be strong enough to survive the winds of change that Creator’s plan always brings to rock their tree of life. This nest building takes time and dedication – like that of our winged ones.

But instead of using small twigs and branches, grass and moss, our loved ones must bring their powers of compassion, patience, forbearance, and forgiveness to build their nest. Each time they choose to bring these human qualities to their nest, their relationship grows ever stronger.

It takes many journeys to accumulate these qualities.

As fledgling mothers and fathers begin their journey together, trail and error will be their test. Yet, in time, the application of

Compassion – yielding kindness

Patience - yielding persistence

Forbearance – yielding tolerance

Forgiveness – yielding the willingness to not judge

will see them build a nest for themselves children that will securely nurture themselves and their children. This is a nest that will be able to endure every hardship, and every test time may bring.

Of all these qualities the quality of forgiveness will most strongly bind their nest together. Creator made each one of us as unique and equally blessed individuals, each with their own way of seeing and responding to life. We each are Creator’s children, unable to see as clearly or as far as Creator can. So it is not meant for us to judge who is right or wrong, any more than it would make sense for our winged ones to judge who amongst themselves, is right or wrong. For us to judge is like the leaves of a tree fighting each other.

We are all One.

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