About New Monk

We support Earth, and Earth Stewards like you.

Unlike the monks of old, we are engaged in the world in a new way.

We seek to nurture inner human ecology, and in so doing nurture Earth ecology.    We do so by giving individuals and groups of Earth caring people support for their ideas and actions in the world.

Reverence for the Earth is one of humanity’s most sacred gifts.
Our inspiration draws upon past perceptions of the ancients, wisdom of indigenous peoples living today, and the daily contributions each one of us is making towards helping our planet. These timeless resources sustain the global mission of:

The New Monk Project

Our mission is to support our members and affiliated organizations pioneering compassionate eco-spiritual alternatives for all life on Earth. Learn more about what we can do for you by clicking on our Membership and Web Benefits page.

We are a non-profit organization embracing all faiths, all peoples living throughout the world,as well as the principles of the international Earth Charter.

As such we acknowledge the divine nature of each human and non-human being. We see each one of us, in his and her own unique way, serving Creation and the collective shift of consciousness now sweeping our Earth.

Now is the time to ask this question,
“What can The New Monk Project do to further support my/our pioneering journey in the world?”

Once acquainted with our overall mission and the thingswe can do for you, become a member by clicking Join Us.

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The Warrior Poet reads the signs of life
And moves on
There are no road blocks